Monday, 9 March 2015

A touch of Persia

Watching food-related shows can be dangerous sometimes. My husband recently learnt why I am so addicted to it after he watched a couple shows on Youtube one night with me. Every recipe you see makes your mouth water and makes your hungry. A few weeks ago we both found ourselves drooling over some Egyptian delicacies. A few nights later, it was Morocco we wanted to book our next vacation to. The Mexican burritos look so worth a try. While Mr. Schee is busy planning our next culinary voyage, I have already started testing out recipes in my kitchen to figure out whether the cuisines are really worth a trip for us or its just the TV that makes them look so inviting.

Ive tried my hand at making some seriously delicious and quite guilt-free dishes lately. Instead of typing all the recipes in one post, I am going to provide links to each one of them. Click on them and say aloud, "God bless you, Fatima". Come on, thats the least I deserve for an hour of my valuable time Ill be spending typing all these recipes for you :)

The pictures are from the surprise dinner I hosted for a friend on her birthday last week. The spread included beetroot carpaccio with orange vinaigrette, Middle Eastern tabbouleh salad, zeytoon parvardeh, lemon olive chicken, dolmeh, herbed salmon in tomato-paprika sauce (Ive used dill, parsley, red chili paste and taragon this time), Persian jewelled rice, minced chicken grilled kebabs, Persian potato kotlets, tzatziki, Dalcha.

Appologies for the terrible photo quality, Ive lost my camera :( Another reason why I am not posting any step by step instructions with the recipes.

Enjoy going through the blogs and dont forget to say Amen ;)

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