Monday, 17 October 2016

May you have many more....

My husband had his birthday on the 15th so it was a definite treat-yourself-weekend at ours. A couple of dear friends came by the house on Friday to help us start with the celebrations which proved to be a great idea. It was wonderful to see Zahid laughing, joking around with his friends and enjoying himself. Moments like these always make me fall in love with him all over again.

I know it sounds so old fashioned and cheesy to even say it about someone youve been married to for so long but thats how I feel about this man who has been a gift from God to me. He´s my rock, my soul mate, my best friend, the father to my wonderful boys, my lover and the right companion who has been by my side through all thick and thin. We are very different in many ways but we compliment each other so well in everything that it wouldnt have been possible to navigate through life without having him in it.

Here are some highlights from the Friday dinner. The menu was Afghan inspired with a few festive touches here and there.

I had been wanting to make Mantu - Afghan meat dumplings with lentils and tomato sauce, yoghurt and dried mint - for quite a while and it was definitely the right occasion for trying out my hands on a time-consuming recipe which turned out to be worth the effort.

Lawang is Afghan braised chicken in turmeric yoghurt sauce. There arent much ingredients used in its preparation but I was surprised how phenomenal the dish tasted.

Lawang was served with Kicheri rice. It was a tweak on the traditional Kichiri Quroot. Since my husband is not a big fan of sticky rice, I cooked the rice as we do for the famous kabuli pulao and served it with meat balls in tomato sauce.

When it comes to Afghan food, Bolani - the stuffed flatbread - is the quintessential item on the table. This time, I filled it with chopped leek.

Happy birthday dear husband! Together weve seen quite a lot that it is difficult to recall all of the events, vacations, celebrations, transitions and life´s experiences but let me tell you that no words can describe how glad I am that you were born !!! And that your sons and I are fortunate to have you and are proud of who you are. May you always stay the classy, strong, dignified and upstanding man youve always been!! We love you more than all the stars in the sky, all the waves in the sea and all the words in the world......

Friday, 7 October 2016

Too good to be true

Its no secret that I am a brunch convert and anybody who knows me knows about my recent love for this meal of the day.  A stress-free late breakfast with good friends around, plenty of food infront of the eyes and - most importantly - an excuse to overeat - the concept is brilliant for people like myself who take food as seriously as they take other pleasures. I also blame living in Dusseldorf for this - a city full of nice cafe´s, restaurants, delis and human energy. If you have a few good friends in life, the Dorf has so much to offer - from expensive, glitzy, upscaled places to cheap but tasty alternatives.

However, as much I enjoy trying out the different cafes in my town, I love taking pride in preparing an all-cooked-by-me buffet every now and then for friends and family. The best part about having brunch at home is that you can be totally flexible about the type of cuisine you offer. There is no wait for the table and on top of that the left overs provide a good justification for the expense.

Ive found some nice photos from the few brunch sessions Ive hosted at my residence during the six months of my blogging break. I hope they give you some inspiration for your next party.

My famous chicken stacks - this time with crushed pumpkin seeds on top. Everyone loved it and thought I went to a lot of trouble making it.

 Would it be a brunch without scones? Correct answer: NO. Click here for the recipe!

Chicken shami kebab and samosas...

Pancakes!!!! Or should I say, THE BEST PANCAKES EVER!!

Hungry??? Im not done yet.

Click here for the sequel to this post!

Happy brunching and happy weekend, everyone!!!

Brunching and Munching

There is nothing better than a leisurely brunch with your best friends to help rewind the life batteries.

If you enjoy brunching and cooking, here are a few inspirations for your next party coming straight from my kitchen.

My first attempt on making chocolate peanut butter oat bars. I think I did pretty good for my first try.

Zucchini potato pancakes - this was the highlight of my yesterdays brunch. Definitely a different way of presenting zucchini. Chicken mozarella balls with apple ginger chutney complemented the taste very well.

Enjoying good food is not just about eating it but also about thinking where it comes from, how it is prepared and most importantly with whom it is shared.