Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Well, I have been out of the loop for quite a while now as far as blogging, facebooking and related stuff goes. Life has just been full of transitions and twists, joy and sadness, love and loss lately. My father in law passed away a couple of days after I made my last post before this one. It had not been very long since my mother in law left us, so his death was indeed a profound loss, no words can really describe.

But as they say, "Life goes on !", just when I thought, life was meaningless and cruel and that nothing positive was happening around us, there came something magical (and completely unexpected) that changed our tears of sadness into those of joy and thankfulness. Everything started to make sense again.

I know many of you have already guessed why the emails have been going unanswered and posts been sporadic. The answer is YES, we are expecting our second child!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!

But hey, hold on! I think Im making it sound a lot more rainbowy than it is:) Pregnancy is not something quite THAT simple or just a time of happy expecting as most first-time parents think it would be, its rather a period full of ups and downs on both physical and emotional levels. Despite of all the happiness and other positive attributes that it carries, the fact that every pregnancy is a new experience, makes it a unique and challenging venture each time.

The first trimester was everything that I had always heard it would be but had not experienced with my first baby at all. Lots of morning sickness (or I should really call it all-day sickness), bloating, indigestion, vomiting,
dehydration, mood swings, extreme tiredness and hours and hours of sleeping that my brain was so fuzzy to type a word.

But guess what? Despite all these unexpected turns that my life has taken recently, I somehow missed you all. I seriously missed telling you about whats happening in and around me and my kitchen. I missed my oven, my utensils, that annoying noise of the poor quality beaters that I possess, even those countless shells of cracked eggs in the bin that I otherwise hate to empty.

Now that I am almost half way through my pregnancy and feeling much much better, lets just jump right back into what we had been doing before.

Im already working on few new recipes to post here during the week. Here a sneak peek for you:

Buckle up and stay tuned for the tasty details!