Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Our Little Man´s Mustache Bash

Mustaches, bowties and suspenders are fun, 
Two is so much more fun than one

Another year has passed by and our little one has turned two last month. Here comes the typical parent saying, "Where has the time gone?" But seriously, can life please slow down a bit so that I can enjoy my boys being children a little longer.

Raed´s birthday this year was a blast! A wild, noisy, fun-filled, memorable blast! With kids and adults included, we were about 36 people, all coming from within a radius of 50 km.

Selecting a theme was again an easy choice. Nael was fully convinced that nothing seemed appropriate to suit the attitude of his younger brother but a little man party so once we decided on that, we were also ready for the implementation. And everywhere we went, we kept our eyes open for stuff that we could use for making crafts and decorations.

I put quite a bit of effort into designing the invitations. It was so hard to find the craft paper that would match the shades of blue and green I had already bought some big wooden buttons in for the decoration.

This cute display greeted guests as they entered the venue.

"Wet your Whiskers" with LeMANade and Bluerberry flavoured Water

Banana Jelly and Pudding for our Little Guests

My favourite part of the party was the food table. Everything was home-made, wrapped in individual hand-made wrappings, served in DIY wooden frames. Also, the food tags were made using different papers and cardboard.

"Real Men eat Burgers"


I literally used my brain to think of cool and fun names to coordinate with the party theme. Here is the list, just in case you are looking for ideas:

Stuffed potato skins as Couch potatoes, Bowtie Pasta Salad, my famous Mustard Chicken Staches, Manwiches, Potato Poker Chips, Spring rolls as Walking Sticks, Cookie Hats, Minced Meat Puffs using puff pastry, Chicken tikka wraps as Cigars, Banana jelly as Styling Gel. Mint LeMANade and blueberry flavoured water were served as part of the beverages.

Hat cookies

The cake was a chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate whipped cream and raspberry compote, dressed up with white chocolate ganache and marzipan accessories. Ofcourse, all made-by-mom with all her love and much attention.


Oh yes, not to forget the biiiiiig mustache - the last minute decoration that Raed´s daddy and cousin made together. It turned out so beautiful.

We were quite pleased with how nice the table looked with all the food and decorations.


My little man with his favourite cousin.

I was pretty upset about not being able to set up a proper photo booth for the guests (with having so many other things on mind, there was hardly any time left for that).

But for that, we had some great photographers on hand to make the most out of the various manly crops that I had spent hours creating for this day.

I love Naels `Oh boy, there is something seriously wrong with our parents`- look

Moonch nahi tu kuch nahi :)

photos turned out amazing - truly cherished memories that we will treasure forever.


The goodie bags were filled with different candies and other sweets. Small sample sized men´s shampoo and some chocolates were added for the adults to have their share of fun too.

with whisker kisses from Raed

Honestly, I had never thought motherhood can be so awesome. Thank you my darling Bubu for helping me discover the mom within myself. You are such an amazing little creation and I'm just about the happiest woman in all the world when you cuddle up to me.

It's truly a joy watching you learn and grow and although it makes me ache a little that you're growing so fast, I'm also in such awe of you that I want to remember everything about you at this age. I wish that one day when you read this blog, you look back and say, " Man, I had an awesome childhood." But please know that all our tiny efforts to give you a beautiful love-filled childhood will never do justice to how happy your presence in our life has made us.
Your Mama and Baba love you so, so much, Raed Sadal. We are really proud and grateful to be your parents. And we always will be.


  1. Gossshhhhhhh...I am speeeechhhhlessssss!!!! what an incredible, awesome, superb party. Happy birthday to your little man. Youve got a set of parents, boy!

  2. Hats off Fatima!!!
    Sooooooooo adorable

  3. You always put together and host the best parties! You really do! Happy second Birthday Raed. I cant stop going through the blog again and again...Its just AMAZING

  4. Beautiful party, beautiful kids and beautiful parents. Fatimaaaaaa, finally weve got to see you too. You are sooo pretty MashaAllah.
    xxxx Sabrina

  5. Awesome!
    Everything is looking wonderful,pix,meal,decoration.
    I missed all the fun:(
    MashaAllah v creative..keep it up