Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Our little cub has turned one!

Last Saturday, we celebrated our younger ones first birthday. It's just crazy how quickly the time has passed by and I´m still having trouble believing that he is already one. Can someone please tell me where has the year gone?

I always make a big deal about celebrating my kids birthdays. And why shouldnt I? For someone like me who loves socializing with others, making crafts and spending hours cooking in the kitchen, these are the opportunities to do something special for my little ones as well. I know they wont even remember a thing about it but at least theyll have enough pictures to cherish some day.

Picking the theme was no brainer this time! Raed not only looks like a teddy bear, he also behaves like a teddy. His curly fuzzy hair, soft chubby cheeks just make you feel like cuddling up to him and stroking the soft plush fur on his head. So, once the theme was selected, the real magic began.

Here are the handmade invitations I mailed out about three weeks in advance.

Teddy Bear on Birthday Invitation

Ive erased my telephone number for privacy purposes (as if some one would care).

Blue brown Teddy Bear party invitation text

On the party day, Nael´s big teddy received the guests at the entrance holding blue and brown (the official party colours) balloons.

Teddy bear at party entrace

The signage was required to direct the teddies to the right room.

Teddies This Way Party Signs

The old Ikea frames got a makeover with brown crepe paper and a blue ribbon bow.

Teddy Party Signage text

A pack of blue and brown printing paper was enough to make these super easy, yet very fancy decorative fans.

Teddy Bear First Birthday Party Table

The letters were made out of cardboard and crepe paper. The brown "wallpaper" as table runners was perfect to match the theme. The same wallpaper was used to make the party banner with Readi´s pictures on it.

Teddy Bear Blue and Brown Party Decorations

Garland with pictures

The garland was draped across the front of the table showing how my son has grown from birth to twelve months (Trust me, it went too fast!).

DIY party garland with monthly pictures

Papa bear made these fantastic wooden frames to match the decor.

The food items were also kept with the teddy bear theme including:

 Beary Noses (home-made Ghulab Jamun)
Paw-tato Honeycomb (potato chicken casserole)
Teddy Burger (with miced chicken patties)
Cub Sandwiches (Egg n chicken sandwiches)
Beary Hugs (chocolate whoopie pies)
Cutie Pies (Minced meat pie pops)
Plush Paws (mustard chicken bites)
Cuddly jars (qeema biryani)

Ghulab Jamun Beary Noses Party Food

Cub Sandwiches

Teddy Bear Party Food Ideas

Pawtato Homeycomb Bear Party food idea

I also added Raedi´s food jars dolled up with some blue ribbon and filled with biryani rice (it was lunch time) to the table and jazzed up the lids with brown teddy faces made from construction paper.

First Birthday Food serving idea

Teddies Food serving idea in baskets

The party games; feeding the bear and the hanging donuts were definitely among the most funniest things we did that day.

DIY Teddy party game feed the bear

Each winner received a jar of honey with pine nuts.

We also had a photo booth to create a lasting memory of Raedi´s big day. I made / arranged different props and materials to create the drama effect ;) Wish I could post the wonderful shots that we were able to take of our lovely guests but since I havent taken their permission, dont want anyone to sue me afterwards ;)

Photo Booth sign

Teddy Bear party photo booth props

Each teddy bear went home with a basket of party favors inclusing home-made honey almond butter, a box of candies, biscuits and chocolate bars.

teddy paws as gift wrappers

Teddy Bear party favor ideas

teddy bear party favor tags

Celebrations dont necessarily have to be expensive as you can always find ways to save money and still make it just as you envision. Im glad we were able to celebrate our cubs first birthday in such a wonderful way.

Happy Birthday Raed. Your mama, baba and Nael love you, and always will.


  1. Ooh love Raed's last picture. He looks so adorable. And the food, you know it's AWESOME. ;)

  2. This is the cutest, out of the box, most innovative party Ive seen in my life. Kudos to you for organizing it sooo well.

  3. wowwwww!!!! I loveeeeee looovvvveeee it!!!! The finest details, the color selection, the ideas.....Trust me, I can go on and on, so to cut it short...will you design a party for my daughter. plz plz plz....she´ll be turning three this April. How can I contact you?

    Ayesha Azhar

  4. timeless and beyond precious! The food ideas are so clever ..I think Ill be using some of these for my kids

  5. Great party. I wish I was crafty and patient enough to make handmade invites and decorations.............they add such a lovely personal touch. Congrats to your little one on turning one.

  6. I love your post as i loved your was awesome...The cake was so delicious..btw Raed's pics are really adoreable.

  7. Happy birthday to your Raedi. Youre right, he doessss look like a little cub :) Amazing ideas and lovely celebrations! I´m sure he will be super proud of his mama and will really appreciate her efforts one day. Maria

  8. Omg! I love your presentation and superb ideas and em so glad that I am going to attend Raedi second birthday!!! Hats off lady :-)