Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Naels "Planes" themed Birthday Party

Things have been very busy around the Sadal house lately. Lots of exciting stuff happening but mainly because its birthday season! Raed had his first five weeks ago and last Friday it was Naels fifth. After weeks of preparations and celebrations, it feels like I'm living in a world of birthday parties.

Obviously, this is the best time of year because it means lots and lots of good food, delicious cakes and lotssss of shopping. And trust me, I am good at all these ;) Jokes apart, I think throwing your child's party is just as much fun for the mommy as it is for the kids. Especially, if the mommy is a celebration-enthusiast like myself....

Since Nael is obsessed with Disney’s Cars and Planes, and every time I asked him what cake he wanted me to make for his birthday he always screamed, "PLANES!", we had to throw him a Planes party, of course. Needless to say, his father, a hobby pilot himself, was even more delighted to monitor the planning and all.

To match the theme, we (Mr. Schee mainly, I was JUST the brain behind the idea ;) made passport and boarding pass invitations featuring the party details and individual mugshots of each little guest. The idea was a huuuuuggggeee hit with all the kids and their parents and we got so many compliments!

Disneys planes party invitations

passpost boarding pass invitation

disney planes party favor

I also got Nael involved by helping me make the decorations out of toilet paper rolls and construction paper. We both had a blast doing it!

DIY toilet paper rolls plane from Disneys Planes

disneys skipper cardboard plane

Cardborad Dusty Crophopper and Skipper Plane
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The table cloth was fairly easy to make and turned out pretty cute. I used various aeronautical charts and recreated a map showing different zones, routes and the names of our little pilots.

 aeronautical map on table cloth

Disney Planes Party Table Cloth

PLANES table cloth and DIY aircrafts
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The party favours were my favourite! I filled cardboard boxes with a variety of planes-themed-items and formed these into pilot cases using blue and orange gift paper and glue.

pilot cases give aways

Just in case you want to know, whats inside these pilot cases, check this post.

pretzel and snacks in packets for give aways

Chocolate wrapped as runaway

Mini Oreo cookies as propellers.

Oreo propeller cookies

Pilot lounge sign

The sandwich cutter arrived a day before the big day, just in time to add extra sparkle to the table.

Airplane sandwiches

Water bottle with jet fuel label

The cake was admired and devoured by almost all the guests. It was truly delicious!

Aircraft Carrier Cake with Dusty Crophopper Cake Topper

Most people had several pieces and all the kids had their sugar levels fully restored. For more images click here.

planes Aircraft shaped Birthday Cake

planes dusty crophopper figurine from Fondant

My birthday boy loved his party. You shouldve seen his sparkling eyes when we asked him to cut the cake. And that smile on his face---just priceless!

Oh Naeni, Mama loves you soooooooooo much and so does your Baba. Youre the best thing that has ever happened to us and we are so very proud of the handsome, articulate, energetic, intelligent and gentle young man you are becoming. I hope that one day when you sit down to read this blog, you can say you are proud of your parents, too :)


  1. this post has just left me S P E E C H L E S S! and in BOLD ofcourse! your imagination,ideas and endeavours are just makes me so proud that i personally know the mind behind this! So so proud of you and simply hats off to you!

  2. I have always been a silent admirer of your work but THISssssssss surely deserves a huuuuggggeeeee applause! are soooo creative!!! When and how does your brain produce such ideas??????

    1. Thank you dear -----, (plz mention your name next time:) ). Im glad the post was convincing enough to turn a silent admirer into an active member ;) Much love

  3. WOW Fatima, I love your creativity, expression and love you put in making stuff. I am one big FAN. Stay very happy and blessed

    1. Thank you Zaineb for all the admiration and wishes. Means a lot! <3

  4. Its super awesome.
    I wish u had girls so tht i cud hv simply copied ur brilliant ideas.
    Planning a flowers n butterflies party for my butterflies,go ahead n do somethng like this,n make life easier for me who is only gud at reading blogs ;)

    1. lolzzzzz.....ask me about this daughter wish but it seems the dear Lord has other plans for us ;) Thanks for your comment anyways. I think theres a whole bunch of stuff you can do with this theme. The first thing that comes to my mind is a vintage ambiance. Take out all the old crockery, frames, furniture (?) and serving dishes your mother has :) White would be my base color to match the colorful flowers and butterflies. I would decorate my windows with hanging paper butterflies and a small tree/plant as table centrepiece with butterflies hanging from the branches would also look nice. You can make butterflies from four balloons and use them as backdrop. If you have a ceiling fan, place some paper flowers n butterflies on it and turn it on when your daughter cuts the cake. Oh yes, I would make a round, tall cake with lots of marzipan flowers on the top and would place some butterfly cake pops on it. Google "butterfly invitations". There are some very interesting ideas you might like to consider. For the food, I would decorate almost everything with edible flowers out of veggies n fruits. Make caterpillar using smarties etc. Theres is sooooooo much you can do....wishhhhhh I had a girlllllll, wouldve done it for you without waiting for a special occasion ;)

    2. Thnx for your ideas,i will keep them in mind while decorating, n will share the pics IA.
      N for the girl wish part,better luck next time ;) as they say baby girl means all pink n no blues.its human nature to ask for wt u dnt hv but wt Allah choose for us is the best