Wednesday, 26 February 2014


There’s no point writing a long blog about this. Just wanted to share what was inside the "Pilot Cases"  - the party favors kids were able to take home after the Disney Planes themed birthday party of my five year old Nael.

Pilot cases in blue and orange

I bought chocolate bars, lolly pops, surprise eggs, chewing gums, gummi bears, pretzel and other snacks. Some items were used just as they come, whereas others were re-invented for use in a totally new way. You know my love for DIY projects ;)

The Kinder Schokolade bars were packed as runways.

Chocolates wrapped as Orange Runway and blue plane

Kinder Chocolate as Planes party Favor

Another great idea I came across on pinterest was of Push Pop airplanes. But since I couldnt find any round pops here, I took two Yogurette chocolate bars, wrapped them in blue paper. For the wheels, the only option I had on hand was chocolate flavoured ring cereals. They worked perfect!

Chewing Gum and smarties airplanes
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Chocolate and Chewing gums wrapped as Planes

Luckily I found surprise eggs with toy planes inside. Ive yet to meet a kid who doesnt like surprise eggs, so that too was a hit!

surprise eggs and chocolates

Some savoury snacks, a packet of gummi bears, lollies - all landed in small cardboard boxes.

inside the planes party favor boxes

Wrapped in blue gift paper and decorated with orange buckles, the pilot cases were ready to be taken home.

Pilot cases as planes give aways

For other decoration ideas and party details, check out the main post here !

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  1. I just lovvve every single bit of the give aways! everything so keenly thought of and made with so much attention! WOW! NAEL is gonna be so proud of his creative MOM when he grows up!