Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Disney Planes - Aircraft Carrier Cake

Ive made quite a number of cakes during the last few years --  some were good, some not so very good. The best ones are, for sure, the birthday cakes Ive done for my sons.

Considering the fact that I'm not a professional cake maker and with having to plan the entire party, there’s not much time for being creative with the cakes. So, please cut out some slack while judging the following images. I am just a regular mother determined to give my little boys the special cake they want each year.

This ones from last week - from the 5th birthday party of my Nael. The Disney´s Planes-lover wanted me to make him a Dusty Crophopper cake. And I knew I wanted it to be 3 D. After viewing dozens of cakes online for inspiration and having rejected all of them, I turned to my husband for help and as they say, fathers know the best. He knew it without even really having to think about it.

An aircraft carrier cake with Dusty Crophopper ready to take off.

Aircraft Carrier with Dusty Crophopper Cake Topper


planes dusty crophopper figurine from Fondant

Dusty Crophopper on Chocolate Aircraft Cake

Everything except the birthday candle was edible.

And here is what he took to his Kindergarten the next morning. Yes, yes, this was to compensate for the disaster I had made on his third birthday ;)

Race Track cake with Lightening McQeens and Cars Toppers


  1. LADY you just ROCK!!!! i am just loving loving loving the idea and the neatness and imagination behind! this is a super duper neat and better than a pro cake! you just keep getting better every single minute of the day i guess! stay happy and keep briniging us all these fabulous ideas!

  2. and the mcqueen looks so real! the second cake is so cute too :) wish u were my mommy :D