Friday, 26 July 2013

When it comes to friends....

Last Friday I hosted an Iftar at my place. For those not familiar with this custom, iftar is a meal Muslims take at sunset to break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Although I and my husband have both been trying hard to stick to our resolution of keeping our iftar menu healthy and simple this year but when it comes to friends and especially best friends who are as ravenous eaters as we two usually are, the spread has to be in sync with the ideology of the gourmands.

The food was as lovely as the company.....I love having our besties over. When we are all together its like a mad house. We don't know how to be quiet and gentle, our kids round around the house like its on fire and their parents speaking all at once and loud, but thats exactly what makes our friendship so beautiful and precious. Not only did they help me with the last minute frying and cleaning up but also with entertaining baby Raed who appearently was quite envious of his elder brother having fun with his friends.

Filo Squares with Creamy Potato Chicken Filling

Mustard Chicken Bites / Mutton Stuffed Puff Pastry Ravioli

It was a self service buffet with a good range of both hot and cold food. I was smart enough to prepare and freeze most of them days ahead. (Trust me, there´s nothing wrong in sacrificing a little gourmet fresh taste for the ease of being relaxed on the actual day). It not only allowed me spend more quality time with my friends but I was also able to do my prayers and other ibadah without worrying about having everything ready in time.


Lehriya Mirch (Stuffed Cubanelle Sweet Peppers)

The spread included:
  • Stuffed dates
  • Chicken and cabbage spring rolls
  • Mustard chicken bites
  • Mutton stuffed puff pastry ravioli
  • Lehriya mirch (sweet peppers stuffed with minced beef and covered with home made samosa dough)
  • Filo squares with creamy potato chicken filling
  • Fruit salad
  • Urid daal ke dahi bhallay (Lentil dumplings in curd sauce)
  • Chicken and vegetable salad stuffed crescent rolls
  • Pakora (mixed vegetable fritters)
  • Minced meat samosa
  • Avocado sauce
  • Tamarind and plum chutney
  • Yogurt and peppermint dip
  • Sweet and sour red sauce
  • Orange-pomegranate cocktails

Chicken and vegetable salad stuffed crescent rolls

Ill try to put up the recipes within the next few days. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures!!!

Chicken n cabbage spring rolls

Take care and stay blessed you all!


  1. really appetizing and i would love to have the recipes :)stay blessed :)

  2. Everything looks super duperly scrumptious....I am just wishing more than ever now that i was your neighbor :)

  3. And plzzzzzzz post the recipes of Lehria chillies and Chicken and vegetable salad stuffed crescent rolls before the end of Ramadan....can 't wait to try em

    1. Recipe for Lehriya Mirch is up! Will be posting the crescent rolls soon:)

  4. hmmmmmm yummm yummm, my dear schee culina everything looks super yummy, my kids r saying: kaash yeh auntiiii hamarey ghar main hootin!!!!!

    1. tell your kids, yeh wali aunty iss se bhi achi cheezain bana dein gi, agar wo sab kuch khanay ka promise bhi karain:)

  5. What beautiful spread!Love reading your posts Fatima. Ive been a passive follower of your blog for nearly one year now. Have never commented before but youre getting so good day by day that a silent admiration would not be enough. Just wanted to let you know, your work is just awesome. Plz keep it up!

    1. My my, youre making me feel soooo good:D No seriously, I take your comment as a compliment and really appreciate you taking the time to make it. Plz dont hesitate to do it more often.
      And may I know your name. I hate calling my readers "anonymous":)