Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ramadan Special

It is currently the holy month of Ramadan and I’ve been fasting for nearly two weeks now. Quite surprisingly, it hasnt been as difficult as I thought it would be.
Its not easy fasting in a country where most people don’t know what Ramadan and fasting actually is. Where life moves at its regular pace with everyone around you eating on their regular scheduled time and the summer fun is at its prime. Where the time between sahur and iftar is nearly 18 hours.
There are testing moments when temptation and hunger is so strong that you wish you had never decided to stay here or had atleast taken a month off and flown back home to enjoy this time of the year in a familial atmosphere.
I dont want to sound unthankful. It might be difficult keeping fasts in a non-muslim society but there indeed are also benefits attached to it. While the temptation may be strong, it actually provides you even more opportunities to practice self-restraint, patience and abstinence - the goals we target to achieve after 30 days of fasting, right?

Since the days are too long and the time between iftar and sahur too short, I and my husband have decided to keep our meals as simple as possible. The iftar menu usually comprises a soup with bread and a main course featuring grilled meat and vegetables. Pretty healthy, no? Dont be surprised, the rest is compensated by the lavish iftar bufffets that we have with our muslim friends whenever possible;) And dont worry, my camera will make sure you also get a chance to admire the extravagant spread of delicious food we all share together.

Almond Meal and Home-made Cheese Stuffed Dates


250 g dates
100 g ground almond
25 g sugar
100 g home-made cheese (click for recipe)
food coloring
Few drops of almond essence, optional

Slice the dates down the middle on one side and remove pits. Prepare the cheese and allow to cool completely.

Mix together ground almonds, cheese and sugar. Add in the almond extract.

Mix in the food coloring as well (I always divide the mixture into two or three parts first and then color them seperately). Tip: Make sure youre wearing gloves or get an appointment for a manicure!

Ive used gel colours. A drop or two should be enough!

Roll a spoonful of mixture between your palms and stuff the date with it.

You may also like to sprinkle demerara sugar or desiccated coconut on top. Store in refrigerator and use within two days.

Enjoy and remember me and my family in your prayers.

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