Thursday, 28 March 2013

A web of memories...

Another year has come and gone and my little man has turned 4! Doesnt time just fly?

I´m not sure when this happened, but at some point in the last year, my little baby has turned into a " big boy". He has now developed his own style and opinions and has become a lot more independent.

Dont know how to put it into words but despite all the progressive changes in his personality,
its really very strange and hard to accept how quickly he’s growing up and changing. On one hand, it feels great watching him wear his shoes and clothes all by himself now, writing his name on every drawing he makes, going out with him for groceries without having to worry about he might get lost in the big store etc. All this makes me really eager to see what the future holds for my smart, intelligent and thoughtful son. But at the same time, there are moments when I so feel like pressing the pause button and stop the time. For instance, my day doesnt complete without having that one hug that he gives me after spending the whole day at Kindergarten - running through the entire ground straight into my arms, giggling and shouting "Mamaaaaaa". Moments like these are just priceless! You want to etch them into your heart with something indelible but I think, this is how all mothers feel as they watch their little ones grow. We cant stop time or control how fast it passes.I have to accept the fact that my little man is no longer a baby and in another couple of years this little man will turn into a teenager and then that teenager into an adult! Ugh, the thought makes my head spin already...

Anyways, coming back to the birthday topic.  I had been planning to throw an "angry birdsday" party for him this year and had lots of fun ideas in mind but when the time actually came, my younger one was only a few weeks old, leaving me with no other choice than putting all the plans on hold for next year and think of something easier to execute under the new circumstances.

So when it came to think about a new theme, I was again tossing up between two of his favourite characters - "spiderman" and "der kleine Rabe Socke". Since nearly every child in Naels KiTa is   obsessed with the red and blue superhero, we decided to spin a web of energy, fun and innovation with them.

Having got the shades of red and blue in my mind, the cake obviously had to match the theme. So,  I made a chocolate cake, covered it with blue ganache, made a spider web using melted chocolate and placed a mini marzipan- spiderman on top.

I think it turned out pretty nice considering it was a one-day project with a screaming collicky infant to deal with simultaneously.

Nael had the widest smile on his face Ive ever seen as he saw the cake which was enough to make the entire effort worthwhile.

Here are some more glimpses of the effort poured into making his day to remember as - according to him - "the best birthday ever"......

Birthday cards were made at home and were a big hit with all his friends and their moms.

The individually wrapped chocolates with spiderman logo (the crawling spiders were made using pipe cleaners)..

The spiderman muffins were requested by the birthday boy which turned out pretty pretty, I think. No?

The spider webs were the most "beautifullest" item  and surely one of the works I am very proud of..

It was a fabulous party with so many wonderful superheroes out there!

Not only our son had a great day but also his friends enjoyed a lot. Each kid received a bag full of favors.

I believe, of all the things I have done in my life Nael has always been what I have been the most proud of. He is a sweet mommy's boy who has a smile that will make you light up. With all his insightful observations, ridiculously funny comments and innocent behaviour, he will always be my biggest achievement and its so much fun watching him grow and mature. Happy 4th birthday son and thank you for being the spark in our lives!



  1. MashaAllah!! May Allah Bless him with all His Bounties..

  2. Such a lovely post :) Hope you're well!

  3. Wat wer inside de party favour bags

    1. Kit kat, pick up biscuit bars, lollies, a muffin and a small game in each bag.