Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Käsekuchen...The German cheese cake

This is a post, Ive been meaning to publish for months but never did. A very dear friend from the old school days wanted me to share a good recipe for cheese cake and I actually have an incredible one for the classic New york style but the vision of the entire 900 grams of cream cheese settling around my waist was so unpleasant and terrifying that I never felt really motivated to make it UNTIL few weeks ago when I received a home-made "German style cheese cake" as a neighborhood gesture from another very good friend of mine.

I took the first bite and knew instantly that this is it! Now is the time to get the ingredients and give it a go. So here it is Tehnia, a long overdue blog that Ive been promising you for months. But wait, first the picture

The German version of cheese cake is notably much lighter, less sweet and less dense than its American cousin. Decorated with fresh strawberries and a dark caramel drizzle, it was certainly one of the cakes I spent very less effort on making.

German Käsekuchen with cheese

German Cheese Cake


100 g fine granulated sugar
100 g melted margarine
1 egg
200 g all purpose flour
6 g baking powder

450 ml milk
500 g curd cheese / quark (I used 250 g of cream cheese and curd cheese each)
2 eggs
150 g fine granulated sugar
1 pkt vanilla custard powder (38 g )
2 tbs oil

Sift flour and baking powder. Take sugar in a seperate bowl and mix with egg (by hand).

Melt margarine, allow to cool a bit. Add in the sugar egg mixture.

Combine flour and baking powder, cover with a plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

Take out from the refrigerator and line the bottom and sides of a 26 cm ring pan with it.

Put aside and prepare the filling by beating the egg with sugar first and then mixing rest of the above given ingredients using an electric mixer.

Tip: Make sure to beat the cream cheese and curd cheese seperately before adding into the milk. Itll help against lumps etc.

Pour into the prepared crust and lightly press the dough on the sides with your fingers to give a thick and nice shape.

Bake in the preheated oven at 180 C for 50-55 minutes. Take out of the oven and allow to cool and set completely IN THE PAN.

German Cheese cake recipe
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Chill in refrigerator and serve as it is or decorate with fresh strawberries as I did. Avoid the caramel drizzle (unless it doesnt have a toffee-like thick consistency), it did look nice for a while but quite messy after a few hours.

A light, tangy, flavourful, fluffy and less guilty indulgence. Spoil yourself with a heavenly slice!

Have a great Wednesday you all!



  1. loved it.. only thing i need to get is curd cheese..'ll go & find it now..good work,stay blessed..xx

    1. thanks for your duas. And do share how it turned out for you:)

  2. beautiful and looks tasty,i just want to know that will it bake in water bath or not?and second curd cheese i live in riyadh i'll search it but if u have any alternate of that please tell me will it taste good only with curd cheese?thanks.God bless you.JAZAKALLAH.

    1. No, unlike NY cheese cake, you need not bake this one in water bath or whatever:) Just follow the instructions, its damn easy to put together. Quark or curd cheese will make it a typical German style Käsekuchen but even I replaced half the curd cheese with philadelphea cream cheese, you may like to substitute with something alike. Just let your imagination play with the recipe:)

  3. simply looks melt-in-the-mouth ! I love cheesecakes too! Guess what, i was about to blog about it in my space too, but slightly a different version ;) inshallah very soon :)

  4. That's a perfect slice!Very well baked...

  5. Simply WOW.... mouth watering!!!
    Can i use curd cheese only??? or its necessary to use cream cheese too??

  6. Awesome recipe.... thanks a million for it.
    I tried making baked cheesecake for the 1st time, n this recipe was just too good to resist and got a lot of good comments for it..

    Thanks once again.