Monday, 30 April 2012

A life full of cakes!!

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing and marzipan decos

I love doing cakes!! Especially when it involves fancy decorating :) Though I hate washing the unlimited pans, platters, palattes and all those small piping nosels later and they surely take up a lot of time and energy but its just so much fun doing all the tiny little details from scratch because when the cake is finally ready, it makes you feel so proud of yourself for creating something that is not only aesthetically appealing but truely and uniquely yours.

Almond sponge with red berry compote filling and stabilised whipped cream cheese icing

It seems like our social life has taken a fantanstic boost ever since weve moved to this new location as we are now always having something on the agenda to look forward to. Lately, there has been a whole series of dinner parties, baby arrivals, birthday celebrations, coffee meetups, kindergarten events and many other fun activities that I had not done in a long time. Now if youre thinking what does my social life have to do with cakes, well that exactly what it is about.

More cakes!!

It seems like my world is all rotating around cakes these days as there has hardly been a cakeless event in the past few weeks. Even if I am not making them myself, I am going to places that have them.

German cheese cake with strawberries and dark caramel drizzle

I wont be posting any recipes today as most of these are repeats of some of my favourite classic plain, chocolate or sponge cakes (look into the cakes folder for recipes) but this is mainly to give an idea on how to decorate the same cakes in different ways.

My all time favourite plain cake with cream cheese flavour

Dark chocolate cake with raw egg yolk icing

I know, this all seems tedious and daunting, but trust me folks, making a cake from scratch creates lasting memories. Unlike the "manufactured"ones, these are actually a great way to express your love, care, individuality and flare!!!! In case you still have doubts, have a look at the image below. I am sure, no box mix can give you this texture.....

A slice of heaven for all you cake-lovers!

Happy caking you all,


  1. Wow!!!!
    After making Aimen' BD cake i said to my self this is too difficult i cant do it, all the mess patience and minor details. But now looking at these cakes i wana do it again. ohh noooo!

    1. O yes, I told you,its addicting!!!! Messy but worth it:) Now tell me what the birthday girl´s planning to make today??? Have a glorious BD my dear!

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry Coleen, not this time:) btw, these are my regular cakes and most of the recipes are actually already on the blog. Look into the "cakes" folder:)

  3. Almond sponge with red berry compote filling and stabilised whipped cream cheese icing ....

    uffff it looks sooo pretty, you are a perfectionist.


    1. I am not a perfectionist my dear, just trying to figure out my hidden talents:DDD