Tuesday, 10 January 2012

"Whats there for breakfast?"

Now that we have pretty much settled in at our new home and life has returned to some what normalcy, I am also beginning to get back to what I missed the most during the hectic relocation phase.Yes folks, our new kitchen is up and once again open for practicing my culinary creativity:D And after a break of more than four weeks, I was finally able to be back in action on the weekend.

Since my hubby usually leaves very early for work on the week days (like most of yours), we hardly get time to pamper ourselves with some delicious stuff in the morning. The weekend breakfasts are, therefore, more like a morning date for us (now if youre thinking, how can she claim such a thing with a three year kid in her life..well trust me, you certainly need to be very creative to keep the spark in your spousal relationship after having children but its just that the definition of romance changes as well with time, and incase your partner is fond of eating, then trust me, food is definitely a great card to maintain a happy and healthy married life even after parenthood;)

Anyways, to make it short, breakfast on weekend is the most important meal of the week at our place. And I being someone who usually feels like starving in the morning, irrespective of what Ive stuffed my stomach with the night before, am actually always looking forward to jumping out of the bed and diving straight into the kitchen to tamp down my hunger pangs. Being an early riser and knowing the fact that the two men in my life will shortly be greeting me with their usual question, "Whats there for breakfast?", the weekend mornings usually start off with some foodporn for me. I swear, I jut loveeeee gazing at photos of delicious treats that make your mouth water, and its actually pretty intriguing as well. Even before the two of them are up, I usually have a plan set in the mind for a delicious surprise.

These Eggs On Spinach Rosti were inspired by images that I came across on the net at this URL and here.

Rosti or Rösti is a very popular dish (Swiss in origin) here in Germany consisting mainly of potatoes, and is very much similar to the American-style hash browns with a texture that is quite crunchy and buttery on the outside and soft (not mushy) on the inside. There are countless recipes for rosti available online but because there are attimes ingredients in most of them that arent quite what we like, here is my improvised version.You may like to check an inspirational source here.

This recipe is for the
"Breakfasts of the World " - recipe contest hosted by the Very Good Recipes.

Spinach Rosti with Eggs

6 potatoes
1 medium onion
150 - 200 g thawed frozen spinach
Salt and pepper
1 small egg
1 tbs plain flour
1 tbs + 1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp butter (clearified is better)
4+1 eggs
Herbs/spices of your choice for an extra kick

Take out the spinach from the freezer and microwave for 2 minutes. Squeeze out all of the extra moisture and put aside.
Wash, peel and grate potatoes.

I use my magical grater, you may let the food processor do the job for you. Squeeze the juices out through a cheese cloth or towel.

Grate the onion and squeeze out the excess juice.

Combine all three vegetables in a bowl, add in flour, drizzle 1 tbs olive oil, and add one egg. Season the mixture with salt and pepper. Tip: You may like to add extra herbs, spices at this stage to suit your taste. Curry powder, italian herbs/pizza spices, taco seasonings are few of my personal favourites!

Heat 1 tsp olive oil and butter in a "non-stick" frying pan. Evenly spread the rosti mixture and press with a flat spatula or your hands (Be careful, the bottom can be really hot!).

Cook on medium heat for ca. 12 minutes.
Lift a side with a large spatula to check whether its golden or not. Flip over and continue cooking on the other side as well for say 8 minutes.

Now add the eggs on top. Tip: My husband prefers eggs that are fully set, whereas my son and I are fans of the runny yolks. Ive used only two eggs at this stage, covered the pan with a lid,

and then waited for 3 minutes and then added rest of the eggs.

Again covered the pan until done. Upshot: everyone is satisfied!

Once the egg yolks are set as you want them to, take off the lid, cut the rosti in servings and sprinkle some more salt and other seasonings on top.

Breakfast is ready to energize your day!


With love


  1. This exactly is how my weekend goes !!! Weekend breakfast is somthing very special for us, irrespective of having 3 kiddos running around :) rosti looks very inviting...sure to try it inshallah....btw, whr, in germany do u live ??

  2. Thanks ladies:) It not only looked great but was very delicious in taste as well:DDD

    @Reshmi, Thanks for popping in. Weve recently relocated near Düsseldorf:)

  3. Looks super duper yummy and this is coming from a not so huge fan of eggs!! Cant wait to try it this Sunday!! Will let you know of the outcome :)

  4. Hi dear Anonymous:), plz do share your name next time, makes it much easier for me to address.
    Thanks a bunch for liking the post. Do try and take a shot for me as well (if possible),Ill be waiting for your feedback on Sunday:DDD

  5. looking so tempting,great idea with eggs.i would surely try:)and let u know.
    i made Kartoffelpuffer(german style).is rosti called Kartoffelpuffer in Deutsch?or is this sth else?

  6. Can't wait to try this for my hubby...he's a huge fan of eggs in the morning while I am the complete opposite so I'll just not crack one egg on my side of the rosti :P.....Super creative idea btw! keep rocking...and yes weekend breakfast is indeed a date for us too...if our kid is too demanding we just put him for a little nap to make it a complete date :P

  7. this look super cool,'ll surly try this 1 soon.u r no doubt a genius…..lov

    1. tried it …thanks fatima 4 the recipe…lov u

    2. Love you back n Thanks a million for sharing the feedback and specially the photo on FB:) was a real treat!!

  8. Hey, May I suggest something for why the first link to the image is not working :)

    It has to do something with the address you set for the hyperlink. When I click on the link "URL", it opens this address http://three-cookies.blogspot.com/2011/10/worlds-first-fat-tax.html.%20

    do you notice it has an extra <.%20> at the end. that is why it cant open the desired webpage. If you remove this extra string, it will open the desired page where you have seen the picture :)


    1. How dumb of me:P Dont know how I overlooked that...anyways, thanks for helping me out Ess Kay..have just fixed it!!!

  9. What a technique. thumbs up for you :)

  10. what a fun recipe!
    Think I would like to try this.

    Thanks for participating in our competition.

    Good Luck!


    1. Do try these Sara. You wont regret;)

  12. thanks mamii....i will try not this one only but your other things as well....i love to spend my time in the kitchen n want to coook special things for hubby.