Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The illusionist reveals....

I am not sure if Neil Burger ever plans to release the sequel to his movie "The Illusionist" but my husband and son are already watching its making-of every second day at our home cinema - only instead of Edward Norton playing the illusionist role, they have me!!!!

They say women are magicians. I absolutely agree to the statement. We are born with this talent of changing things within fraction of seconds -  let it be our looks, our moods, our homes, discussions, and what not. And being married and a mother of a smart boy who is as demanding as his father, you actually get plenty of practice to polish these skills!

You might have noticed my recent "obsession" with morning delights (For those of you who havent or havent bothered to click the links: its been the main focus of my bolgtivity all this month of Januray:). Not that I had planned this breakfast series before, it was all just a result of the dull expressions that usually appear on the faces of my men on getting same things for breakfast repeatedly after a while. In order to keep my small audience more engaged and interested, I had only been making a conscious effort to add more variety to my morning show. But trust me folks, its not easy to NOT "offer the same stuff more than two days in a row".You just run out of ideas!

So, what I have started doing now is creating illusions by using the same old igredients and making them appear like new:P Check out the ingredients listed in the recipe below, do they remind you of any recipe Ive blogged lately???

2 cups plain flour
1 tbs baking powder
10 tsp fine granulated sugar
A pinch of salt
1/4 cup +2 tbs milk
1/2 tbs vinegar
1 egg
7 tbs cold butter (ca. 100 g)
Few drops of vanilla essence
3/4 cups dried cranberries (see tips)
1 egg yolk
2 tbs granulated sugar to sprinkle on top, optional

Yes, I am using almost the same ingredients as in the Best Pancakes recipe, only with a little change in quantities and a different cooking technique.

Cranberry Scones


Combine milk and vinegar to make soured milk and set aside for 5 minutes.

Sift flour and baking powder in a large bowl. Add in sugar and salt.

Cut the cold butter in cubes and rub in with the dry ingredients using your finger tips until the mixture resembles course breadcrumbs. Tip: You may use your food processor for this. Try to work quickly, few bigger lumps of butter are better than overmixing!

Add in the soured milk, egg and vanilla to this. Combine all the ingredients with an electric mixer (dough-hooks on) just enough to form a dough.

Also add in the cranberries and transfer the dough onto a lightly floured surface. Tip: In case cranberries are not available, you may like to substitute these with chocolate chips, raisins, fresh blueberries etc.

Cut the dough in half.

Stack the two halves on each other and press down with your hands.

Again cut the dough in half and stack the two parts on each other. Pat down and repeat the procedure one more time. This will make your scones rise higher while baking.

Roll out the dough into a rectangle (about 2,5 cm thick and 6 cm in width).

Cut into small triangles.
Tip: In case you wish to serve the scones later, pop them into refrigerator at this stage until baking.

Brush with beaten egg yolk and bake in a preheated oven at 200 C for 15 minutes until golden and slightly crispy on top.
Tip: I have also sprinkled extra sugar on a few to add a little crunch on top before putting in the oven.

Remove from oven and serve immediately with clotted cream, whipped cream, lemond curd, fruit jam of your choice, chocolate syrup OR JUST PLAIN !!!!!

Let the new feat of magic astound everyone, including youself!!



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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Umm:)

    2. btw, I have tried linking this post to your event "anyone can cook" but its not working...where exactly should I paste the link???

  2. beautiful looking scones ! love ur breakfast ideas...keep posting.....whenever i want to have a good breakfast shall for sure refer to ur posts inshallah :)

    1. Thanks buddy:) Im always up for good breakfast recipes but never got a chance to blog about my personal favourites. There had always been other things on the priority list. I think the new year has made me think more systematically;)
      Feel free to spread among as many you like, what else a blogger can ever wish for???

  3. Loving your thoughts going on to your blog and make interesting reading stuff....Totally agree with you about us women being illusionists....I want to compliment you ,by just looking at your blogs and also your in detail description of each and every marvellous creation of yours.. I am just speechless and words fail to describe your efforts .now I really dont know how to put it ...YOU ARE AMAZING,ALSO PATIENT AND ALSO I HAVE A FEELING YOU ARE A VERY ORGANISED PERSON.....HOPE TO SEE MANY MORE FROM A WONDERFUL PERSON LIKE YOU...THANKS A LOT FOR THE EFFORT!!!!!!

    1. aww Saira, now I am speechless:D These are the besttt compliments Ive received on my work to date. Thanks a lot sweets, for all the motivating words.
      And trust me, I am just an ordinary soul and if theres anything I really wish to improve about myself, that surely is impatience. So no need to feel that impressed:) But yes, I do hope my readers enjoy reading/following my blogs as much I enjoy writing them.
      Let your feedback and comments coming in and Ill make sure to offer you the best from my kitchen;)

  4. A lovely step by step pictorial! Happy to have stopped by :) Look forward to following your kitchen trails - hope you will visit me and join my trails too :) cheers, priya

  5. You Know Buddy , ur making me proud, I am reading the comments and I am like , Hey i know her , she is my Friend. I'm kind of having a feel of being a friend of a celebrity :D Keep up girl .


  6. this is awesome, yes you are right mother needs to be lsometimes illusionist, actually I believed that in every success of a man there is a great woman behind it. I do really love your recipe they are all great.

  7. Looks awesome .Loved your clicks and your step by step pics

  8. Thank you so much for linking this yummy recipe with Any One Can Cook :)

  9. Luv ur writing style and sharing Superb scones.Glad To c ur space.

  10. I love to have a taste of this wonderful dish..;P
    Tasty Appetite

  11. I am in love with these pictures! Scones are so yummy and this look soo delish! I hope you have a wonderful week and your blog award was well deserved! You have an amazing blog!