Friday, 6 January 2012

New world, new start...

Well it's been nearly three weeks since we moved into our new house and after unpacking more than hundred cartons, and assembling plenty of shelves, wardrobes and a full-fledged kitchen, I feel that things are starting to look a little better now. But trust me people, even if the words are making it sound so easy today, moving was certainly not at all easy for us. Not only because we had to do the entire packing and unpacking all alone by ourselves but more because you just cant really focus on anything with a little monster shouting around and needing your constant attention all the time.

The entire house-moving mission took us about three months from packing, finding the house, moving to the new place, and unpacking. And all those who know me can attest the fact that I am actually not at all a bad organiser but one thing has become quite clear to me during the whole phase, i.e. no matter how well-planned the preparations are, there will always be some points where all your arrangments will go wrong. You just cannot organise shifting your own house!!! At first, I didnt know what to pack in where and later, with nearly hundred empty cartons and piles of packaging material scattered everywhere, I literally felt kind of disoriented in my own house.

However, despite all the stress and chaos caused by the shifting, I am happy to announce that this phase is finally nearing its end now. There are yet many tiny details to be taken care of  and a lot of corners still need touches of warmth but nothing major is left, and I can clearly see everything starting to find a new home in my new home:)

Day1: This is just a glimpse of how the rooms looked like

Day 2: Not much has changed in one day

"Mom please, when are you going to clear up this mess? I cant wait to sleep in my own bed".

Day 3: Finally, weve managed to make some space to sit and relax a bit

Its actually pretty different in here. I mean reallllyyyy different. We had been used to living in a nature paradise with rivers, exquisite meadows and hills all around and lots of other natural attractions and scenic landscapes uptil now. And my biggest fear of moving the city was not being able to have all these beauties around any more. But surprisingly, all three of us are feeling very comfortable at the new place. Its very central and has its own charms. We dont necessarily have to drive to buy a loaf of bread now; everything you would ever need is close by and this is exactly how I wanted it to be!

Im sure the trees will look much nicer during the warmer months

Our new nest is on the right side

The area has an interesting mix of new and old architecture including villas, detached as well as semi-detached houses and a multi-storey building as well. Our street opens out onto the main highway from where you can take the tram to almost all directions, whereas the other side brings you to the wide green fields that I am really looking forward to walking on in summers. As you can see, I am quite enjoying the the fun part of moving, i.e. finding one's self in the new place.

Inside the house, I am glad that it is not that small as I had initially feared, which is, ofcourse, very nice! It still has the original hardwood floors (freshly sanded and revarnished so not really shabby) in some rooms and white wooden-framed glass doors that give the home a very homely look :) But dont ask me how uncomfortable the fizzy silhouettes through the frosted glass make me feel while someones using the bathroom and I am not even getting enough time to look for an appropriate alternative.

Im loving the solid wooden floor and ofcourse, the wooden blinds as well

As far as the kitchen is concerned, hasnt really been used much lately as one of my best friends had been spoiling us with her delicious and flavourful cooking during all these weeks, so I havent really given this side much importance yet but one thing is obvious that I am surely going to miss the huge cooking kingdom that Ive been used to working in till now. This one is not even half the size of the older one but Ive still managed to add a few more cabinets on the walls this time which will give me more storage space. Clever, ha!

And here are some clicks of the few meals that we had over the shifting-phase. Again, my deepest gratitude to my friend Yasmeen who fed us with such great food - not only once but the whole week long!!!! Annnndddd ofcourse, how can I forget to thank the tremendous team of friends who helped us on the main two days of our shifting. We truely are so thankful and appreciative of your support and contribution friends. I certainly owe you all a lavish dinner for being so helpful;)

Needless to say that I am really enjoying the new rhythms that life has thrown our way lately. I hope the joy remains alive forever and the new place treats us well in the coming years as well.

And that reminds me of the fact that this is my first post in 2012, so let me wish you all a very happy new year. I hope you too had a good and safe start to the year. Even if not, may the coming days fill in all the missing gaps in your lives and bring you new hopes, new promises and new reasons to celebrate your presence in life. Stay blessed and continue to be a blessing for others as well!!

Love you all!


  1. LOOOVVVVVVVVVEDDDDDDDDD your post :) wish you all the luck, love and peace in your new nest :) and i guess the uplanned get togethers and meals must be like a topping to the cake :) i am NOT AT ALL jealous :D


  2. my dearrrr fatima,it was my pleasure to cook for u ppl.
    gern gemacht:):)

  3. Lovely Place!You've got such great windows,light and setup for food photography!Wish I was in place like this!

  4. Hi,LOvely post, reminded me of our relocation!! I am so curious to know which of the world u live in. We r in the UK and my husband does a job which involves quite frequent relocation. Already shifted 4 times in 4 years time and I know exactly what great deal of stress u wud have gone thru. I too have a four year old and it was one of those shifting days that he got super glue in to his eyes his eyes + got himself locked in the car with key inside the car. He was locked in for an hour before the professional could come and tamper the window slightly to open it. Both happened in a matter of 1-2 hours. Nightmare it was!!!!Hope u r settling in new place well. Unpacking is another tedious part. All the best.