Monday, 6 June 2011

Some old tricks

Thank you my dear readers!! Thank you very much for your time, interest and feedback on the blog posts. There are seriously no words to describe how great it feels to read your motivating comments and emails. I had initially started writing this blog to share the recipes with a few very close friends of mine and once the posts were on the web, I thought why not share it with the rest of the world and I must also confess that within this very short time period, I myself have learned so many new things from your feedback and querries that I would have probably not done otherwise.

Ive lately received a chain of emails from a reader who has been having trouble understanding the foil-pack technique for baking pans to avoid doming on the cakes. I guess, its because I havent uploaded enough pictures or havent really been able to capture the most important moments of the process (the post has been updated with new pictures meanwhile). Since a lot of new cake recipes are now in the post queue, I thought it would be wise to explain the same trick and many other baking tips first.

So, this is how I line my pan before baking:

Take a large piece of parchment/baking/butter paper and fold it in half. Once it’s folded, continue to fold it into quarters, then triangular eighths.

Once the paper has been folded, place the pointed end of the paper onto the centre of the cake pan. Take a pair of scissors and cut the parchment, inside the outer edge of the pan.

In the end, unfold the parchment and check if it fits properly inside the cake pan. If it doesn’t, you my like to fold it back up and trim off any extra corners. Once it fits the base, start preparing the paper for the sides of the pan.

Take another sheet of baking/parchment paper. Fold and cut it thrice, lengthwise.

Make small cuts on one side of each paper (Fold the paper one more time to save time and effort).

Now butter your pan and sprinkle some flour on it. Sorry, I once again forgot to take pictures of this step:( But this shouldnt be a big problem. Once the pan has been greased and dusted with flour, line the inner sides with the prepared strips.

Place the round circle on the base.

Once youve secured your cake against sticking with the pan, the next step is to ensure a domeless top of the cake.

For that check the modified version of the older post on foil-pack method. And here is how your pan should look like before placing in the oven.

And here is the result of the entire effort:)

Happy baking friends!

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