Thursday, 30 June 2011

For me and my child!!

If you are a mother, you can attest to the fact that children love jelly!

The colourful, wonderfully tasty dessert is a big treat that almost every toddler dream of. And why shouldnt they be doing that -  jelly has all the features a kid generally loves to have in a food. Its soft, cold, fascinating, wibbly wobbly and above all sweeeeetttt!!!

Now that we all know how our kids love the sugary stuff, why not spice up their favourite flavour with a little fruit which will not only make it interesting but a lot healthier as well? Because as a parent, you are always worried about your childs eating habits and because you dont always feel like bargaining, cajoling and pleading, you also attimes try to sneak few healthy ingredients in their diet.This is exacty what Ive done yesterday.

I made some vanilla custard, added fresh blueberries into it and decorated the cups with colourful jelly and my son was so excited to see the round berries winking through the transparent jelly wall that he finished up the entire dessert without making any fuss.

The recipe is not only great for the kids, but the addition of  fresh berries makes it a light and delicious dessert for the grown ups as well.

Jelly Berry Custard


vanilla custard (I used the ready-made powder)
1 cup fresh blueberries
4 tbs chopped almonds (optional)
200ml whipped ceam
1 packet jelly crystals (I used raspberry flavour)

For decorating the glasses, youll need

1 tsp honey / a slice of fresh lemon
coloured sugar / deocarting pearls

Take some granulated sugar or decorating pearls in a plate.

Run and rub the lemon slice around the rim of each icecream cup. Tip: I didnt have fresh lemon at home, so used honey as alternative. Dip a tissue paper in honey and rub it around the rim. Press the rim into the pearls or sugar.

Now, prepare two cups of custard according to the instructions (usually given at the back of the packet). Make sure, its thick enough to set like a pudding. Cover with cling film and place aside to cool a bit.

Meanwhile, whip the fresh cream. Tip: Put the beaters and bowl in the refrigerator for five minutes. The cream should also be very cold prior to beating.

Once the mixture has cooled but not fully set, fold the fresh berries, chopped almonds as well as the whipped cream into it.

Tranfer into serving bowls and place a few berries on top. Tip: It is important to do that at this step otherwise the berries wont stay at their place later. Place in the refrigerator and allow the custard to set.

Now take one cup of hot boiling water and tranfer the entire content of the ready-made jelly packet into it. Cook until all crystals have dissolved. Tip: Dont hesitate to use a strainer incase you find some stubborn granules that refuse to incorporate into the water.

Now pour a cup of cold water into this and allow to cool at room temperature. The moment you feel that the mixture has started to set, pour over the prepared custard. Place in the refrigerator for several hours.

Enjoy the sweet moments with your little one!!!!


  1. i like like....really drying to make this simple dessert....

  2. Definitely gonna try it first thing in the morning, but with different fruit as fresh berries are not available here, i think cherries will work?

  3. @Ash Yes, cherries will work, too..Dont forget to remove the stones first;) you can use cherry jelly flavour then..try with bananas or strawberries...Peach and mangoes are equally good options:)

  4. @amina:D your son will love it...:)

  5. looks lovely....beautiful deco too ! iam sure kids will fall in love with such things :)

  6. I Tried this recipe but my jelly got mixed with custard and fruits :-(

    1. did you let the mixture set first?