Friday, 29 April 2011

The language of flowers..

We often use roses or other flowers as means of expressing our emotions to people on different occasions like red roses for deep and passionate love, pink roses for likeness or sunflowers for showing respect etc. But that flowers and flower arrangements have a proper language of their own where these can be used  as codes to express our intentions and feelings towards others is something new to me. I was actually quite surprised to learn that from our local florist a few weeks back and its funny, how it kept me busy searching meaning of every second flower, fruit or vegetable that I bought lately.

And this is actually my motivation behind the assembling of these beautiful cupcake pots using fresh strawberries as symbol of perfection and “sweetness in life”. I think, strawberries with their majestic colour and unique frangrance are one of the most beautiful of fruits, and can bring exquisite joy to anyone.

Bring sweetness into the lives of your loved ones by making these simple and fruity strawberry cupcake pots!

strawberry cupcake pots

Arent they cute??? And the most important part is...these are so easy to make that it took me not more than 5 minutes on each cup to decorate.

You need:

Fresh strawberries
Marzipan and green food colour
M & Ms, cornflakes and two small chocolate balls for making the bee.

Prepare the pot as for the Easter Goodies. Now take some fresh strawberries and make four small cuts on each side of the pointed end.

Again make a few cuts for making more petals.

Make few more flowers like this. Using a tooth pick, adjust these on the prepared cupcake pot. Place two yellow and one black or dark brown smarties/M & Ms on the marzipan grass to make the honey bee. I didnt have the yellow ones, so I simply used the orange smarties instead. Adjust the eyes and wings with the help of melted chocolate or any fruit jam of your choice.


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  1. I love the roses ..... shukar hai i saw some roses other than those made out of tomatoes :D