Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It´s a boy!

So, my dear ladies and gentlemen of the online world, 

After a six months loooooonnng hiatus full of both physical and virtual changes, many unforgettable memories, lots of wonder and some serious soul searching,


more sleep deprived than ever before but a very happy, gushing and proud Mom!!! :)

Yes people, after having spent five very long and hard months in bed due to some serious pregnancy complications, I am a mother once again to another healthy, perfect and beautiful baby boy. I might never be able to tell anyone how tough the entire pregnancy had been but yes, I do want to proudly show off the little wonder to the whole world that my Lord has gifted me for the entire patience and endurance. Here is our freshly baked scrumptious little cookie with his happy big brother

Baby Raed with big bro Nael

Even though it might still take a while adjusting to the new changes in my life, especially when the muscles need to rebuild and stamina has to be strengthened again, but I will try my best to keep my hobby going and this blog alive. Just keep on being the wonderful, kind and supportive readers you have always been and keep your eyes peeled, I hope to be able to get some new content out really soon!

Meanwhile here is a sneak peak of the birth announcements

Home-made sweets

Yes, we made everything at home:)

A profuse thanks to my sister in law for her contribution on this project.....

And thank you all for the kind wishes, concerns and thoughts through your public and private messages. Love you heaps!!!!


  1. Masha Allah ,,,so happy for you <3

  2. welcome back to your throne....we have really really missed your blog :)...keep blogging and inspiring us like always :)...love you

  3. Benvenuto!!!! Bellissimo, auguri!!!!!

  4. Congratulations. Mashaallah both your kids look wonderful. & hope you return back very soon with your wonderful posts.

  5. COngratulations Fatima !!! Welcome back :)
    MashaAllah wonderful boys and great to know that u r doing good now :)

  6. Congratulations....I have been a fan of your blog since Jan 2013....have tried a couple of recipes and they have turned out pretty well.....wishing you all the love and strength in this world to take care of your little ones and continue blogging - Smitha