Monday, 14 March 2011

On learning cookery....

There´s a commonly held belief: "Cooking is an art".
Cooking surely is an art but even if not everyone can perform it with the required finesse, cooking is also not a natural born talent; it can be learned.
There is hardly any artist who has never borrowed style and methods from other artists. They are also influenced and motivated by certain schools whether contemporary or historical. They have their materials and the working environment. Same applies for cooking and baking. There is imagination, motivation, material, an institution (could be your mom, neighbour, friend, a cookbook or perhaps a renowned chef). All you need to do is...put the fears aside and let yourself go - There´s really no need to worry yourself out. Cooking is not something you should dread - it can be learned!!!

But nothing can be mastered by reading books only, you need to practice it - not just once or twice but over and over again until you get the sense of it. One should keep one thing in mind that even the most talented chefs had to learn to cook by mastering all the basics when they were starting out and.... they too had once made mistakes. Hence, there is no need to get demotivated if your pizza dough doesnt rise or your salad has gone soggy, all bad experiences can be taken as lesson for the next time.

Figuring out how to follow the recipes and how to measure the ingredients is not a big deal any longer. It is unbelieveable how you type in a single word in google and immediately get a vast array of information to solve your queries.

Try and try again... Even if the result doesnt come up to your expectations, dont give up and try again.The more you practice, the better you will get at playing with the food. The more you play, the more comfortable you will feel about dreaming up your own recipes.

I myself never knew I possessed this passion for cooking until I started with it. At first, it was merely a necessity and enforcement. Which then later developed into more of a hobby and today I proudly confess that I am addicted. No other activity brings me greater joy and satisfaction than experimenting with food. Planning and preparing a complete meal for my loved ones, presenting it in an appealing manner and later, looking at the satisfactory and happy looks on their faces and how they rave about the flavors make the entire effort pay off.

The world of culinary arts is so vast that it never lets me get bored. Each time I come across something new, it makes me feel that I may not even have a chance in my life to sample all of the wonderful, full-flavored dishes that there are to explore. Sizzling of steaks, caramalizing of onions and the magic of fresh herbs to the sweet sensational aroma of baking all makes me hungry to go deeper into this limitless world of cooking.

And I also believe in sharing recipes and that I wont be losing anything nor will my food start tasting bad if I have to share my cooking secrets with anyone. And this is perhaps one of the reasons for staring with this blog. I find it much easier to type in my culinary experiments than explaining each step to a friend on telephone. I am not a pro neither I know everything, but only if my love for food can make someone find the way to a heart then thats what it is all about :)

Happy cooking friends!!!

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  1. You're not going to believe this, I went through each recipe in your blog, started in the evening. Your blog is a pleasure to read through. I've bookmarked a few. Being very new to cooking ( I don't even want to think about my baking skills :)), I believe your step by step pictorial is going to save your recipes from me messing them up. Wish me luck, I'll get back to you on whatever I try from here :)